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Steve Sexton Shares What Younger People Should Understand About Finances

On a new episode with "Saving With Steve," financial consultant and founder of Sexton Advisory Group, Steve Sexton, chats with Steve Davis, the CEO of Total Wealth Academy, which teaches people how to build a second stream of income with active and passive real estate investment. Steve Davis has spent three decades helping Americans, as well as those outside of the US, become financially independent. If you or anyone you know is seeking a practical path to financial empowerment and independence, you won't want to miss this episode.

About Saving with Steve

Welcome to Saving with Steve, a personal finance resource provided by Steve Sexton, a financial consultant with over 20 years of experience and CEO of Sexton Advisory Group. Every week, Steve drops a new podcast episode providing personal finance tips and interviews with relevant and compelling experts to help you cultivate a happier, healthier relationship with money. The show covers topics like retirement planning, budgeting, debt reduction and management, estate planning, taxes, entrepreneurship, and more!

You can also stream my Saving with Steve podcast via the following platforms:

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