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Our process


Understanding that no one can be "all things to all people," we utilize an ensemble approach of financial professionals to address every one of our clients’ investment goals and retirement objectives. Depending on your circumstances, we may elect to bring in CPAs, attorneys, long-term care professionals, and even outside portfolio managers to help ensure your needs are addressed at the highest level.

Sexton Advisory Group uses financial professional, Steve Sexton, and our ensemble of skilled professionals to help clients strategize toward total wealth optimization. With the ensemble’s experience in the financial planning industry, clients may find themselves freed from excessive financial worry. They can determine what is important to the client and use it to help support their retirement objectives.

Your "Look-Forward Review"



Our first step is to do a complete look-forward review of your tax return and tax status to identify things like phantom income and incorrect use of taxable and tax-deferral strategies that might red-flag you for an audit or effect your desired tax breaks. 


We will look for any missed opportunities you might have to offset gains and losses. For instance, you could sell a losing stock to potentially offset a capital gain on a mutual fund. With the innovation of 4DR®, we’ll show you how to implement the strategies to potentially lower or even eliminate some taxes. In short, we’ll help you find out if money is falling through the cracks now and possibly find additional income for the future.




Our second step is to do an income analysis to determine if you are using your income sources in a tax-efficient way. Also, we’ll assess if you have adequate income to meet your future needs and to keep up with the ever-increasing cost of inflation. This may be very different than the government inflation rates because your rate is based where you spend your money. In other words, there are ways to reduce inflation’s asset-eating damage.




With the debt situation, the housing market, and unemployment rates, are you comfortable with your investment risk exposure? Studies show that people incur losses, then make poor decisions and can potentially receive lower rates because they carry more risk. The bottom line is: If you can’t sleep at night and you’re worried about your risk level, you should change it. We use a simple set of questions in our Four Dimensional Review® to determine your risk comfort level and help you potentially avoid losses you were previously not prepared to handle.




How do you want your money to work for you in the future? Are you planning to sell real estate? Have you lost a spouse and now have to make all the financial decisions? Are you retiring or rolling over a large sum of money? Selling a business? Are you certain that your investment strategies carry you forward into a secure and enjoyable retirement? How would you want your money to carry over to the people you love? All of these questions are addressed in your 4DR® analysis.

There’s no better time to take control and look forward with a Four Dimensional Review®. Find out if you have problems like phantom income taxation or other tax issues. Chart the right course for your future and what you want your money to do for you. A Four Dimensional Review® is a very valuable and important first step.

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