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Achieving balance in your golden years is so much more than being financially prepared to retire. Having worked on retirement strategies for my clients for over 20 years, here are some tips I have picked up along the way. If you need additional guidance with your retirement planning journey, contact Sexton Advisory Group at

Diversify your sources of income

Aim to receive income from multiple sources, including rental incomes, part-time work, Social Security, and investments. When it comes to investing, think of your golden years as a time to invest for income, not growth.

Prioritize your health

Health problems will hinder your ability to enjoy your retirement, so caring for your body and mind through proper nutrition, fitness, good sleep, and regular doctor visits are especially important during this time. Focus as much as you can on preventive care - it's much easier to prevent illness than treat it. As part of your financial plan, you should budget enough money for wellness and extra doctor's visits just in case.

Create a daily routine and stick to it

It can be difficult to transition from working a 9 to 5 the majority of your life to suddenly having a lot of free time. Creating a daily routine helps to prevent feelings of boredom or helplessness. Remember, you now have the privilege to create an identity and schedule outside of work that benefits you and your interests - take advantage of it! Whether its making more time for friendships, hobbies you already love, or personal wellness, make room in your routine for things that energize you and bring you joy.

That said, don't be afraid to try new things

As we get older, it's easier to lose initiative and settle in our comfort zones. Whether it is learning a new skill, traveling somewhere new, or meeting new people, trying new things helps to keep your mind and spirit sharp in your golden years.

Want more great financial tips from Steve Sexton of Sexton Advisory Group? Be sure to tune into the Saving With Steve Show!

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